New Updates

May 11, 2022

I have been negligent in posting to our website, but now I have help, so my posts should increase.

Our Company is currently working on two ADU projects in Contra Costa County.
ADU stands for Accessory Dwell Unit.

This particular ADU is being built using the Conventional Construction Process.
The project will have lots of exciting updates as this process will take several months to complete.

The access to this additional home is different due to the property site.
Most ADU units are in the backyard or side yard of a home.
With this ADU, it was necessary to build a new road for potential Fire Truck access, therefore, this ADU
had to be cut into the hillside.

We are working with our subcontractor, Cliff Swisher Custom Concrete, Inc. who is experienced,
knowledgeable and extremely qualified to install the foundation to this building.

This project needed a 50,000 lb. Excavator to perform the job properly.

These photos show the excavation height to level where the man is standing, plus or minus 13 feet for
the rear foundation wall and 30-inch-deep Mat Slab Excavation for the garage floor.
Said wall to be shored with metal plates to meet OSHA requirements.

Wooden Batter Boards have been set to finish floor elevations in order to make sure subgrade
excavations are appropriate.

There will be more updates as the job progresses.